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Pupulin, F. 2005. Dichaea viridula (Orchidaceae: Zygopetalinae), a new species in the D. tenuifolia complex. Harv. Pap. Bot. 10(1): 83-87.

Abstract. The taxonomic status of Dichaea tenuifoliaSchltr.is revised, the species is lectotypified and D. undulifoliaDodson from Ecuador is reduced in synonymy under the former taxon. Populations of CostaRican Dichaea with thin-textured leaves and smooth ovary, previously included under D. tenuifolia, are recognizedas a distinct species, hereafter described and illustrated as D. viridula Pupulin. Dichaea viridula may be distinguished from its closest relative, D. tenuifolia, by the shorter inflorescence, the flowers approximately half in size, the elliptic-lanceolate sepals (vs. narrowly oblong-ligulate), the petals only slightly narrowed at thebase, the thick margins of the lip claw, the much shorter apical lobe of the lip, the green sepals and petals, and the white lip.

Key Words. Orchidaceae, Dichaea, D. tenuifolia, D. undulifolia, D. viridula, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador.

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Pupulin, F. 2007. Contributions toward a reassessment of Costa Rican Zygopetalinae (Orchidaceae). 3. A systematic revision of Dichaea in Costa Rica. Harvard Pap. Bot. 12(1): 15—153.

Abstract. Asystematic revision of the genus Dichaea (Orchidaceae) in Costa Rica is presented. The taxonomic history of the genus and its phylogenetic position are discussed, with emphasis on infrageneric grouping. Characters of vegetative and floral morphology are treated, and their taxonomic significance is discussed. Twenty-nine Dichaea taxa are recognized for the flora of Costa Rica, and a key to species is provided. Each taxon is described on the basis of Costa Rican material, illustrated in a composite plate, and its distribution in the country is assessed. Distribution maps for all the taxa are given. Overall distribution, derivation of name, notes on species ecology, and diagnostic features are presented for each taxon. Lectotypes are selected for D. acostae Schltr., D. acroblephara Schltr., D. amparoana Schltr., D. costaricensis Schltr., D. dammeriana Kraenzl., D. lycopodioides Rchb.f. ex Kraenzl., D. poicillantha Schltr., D. selaginella Schltr., D. tuerckheimii Schltr., Epidendrum echinocarpon Sw., and E. trichocarpon Sw. A new species, D. gomez-lauritoi, is described and illustrated from the wet Caribbean plains of central Costa Rica.

Keywords: Orchidaceae, Zygopetalinae, Dichaea, Epidendrum, Costa Rica

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