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Karremans, A.P. 2016. Genera Pleurothallidinarum: an updated phylogenetic overview of Pleurothallidinae. Lankesteriana 16(2): 219-241.


Abstract. Subtribe Pleurothallidinae with just over 5000 species is possibly the most species-rich of all orchids. It has been growing steadily for more than two centuries, but the last three decades have been especially active in terms of systematic and phylogenetic studies in the group. The growth in species numbers has been accompanied by the marked increase in generic and infrageneric concepts. Nevertheless, Pleurothallidinae are plagued with cases of convergent and divergent morphology, and phylogenetic relatedness is not always apparent. This opens the door to controversial changes in generic circumscriptions that are considered too inclusive by some and too exclusive by others. A grave consequence of these disagreements is the difficulty of assessing which and how many species actually belong to each genus. Here an attempt is made to place generic names among their close relatives as a first step to re-evaluating the whole subtribe.

Key words: Acianthera, Anathallis, Dilomilis, Masdevallia, Octomeria, Phloeophila, Pleurothallis, Restrepia, Specklinia, systematics


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